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This website, owned by FEDA SOLUCIONS, SAU (hereinafter, “FEDA SOLUCIONS”), does not use any tracking technology, except for its own and third-party functional cookies that are necessary to provide the services of the Intermodal Mobility Platform. (from now on, "the Platform") that are accessible from its web application (from now on, "the Web-App"). These "necessary cookies" are small text files that the Platform stores in your device, associated with the web browser you are using at the time you open the Web-App.

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To obtain more information about FEDA SOLUCIONS and its contact details, as well as regarding how this company treats your personal data, including those associated with cookies, you can access the privacy policy of the Platform.


2.- Block, disable and/or delete cookies:

FEDA SOLUCIONS informs you that you can allow, block or delete the cookies installed in your Internet browser through the configuration menu of this, and you can configure it so that cookies are blocked or to alert you when a server wants to save them on your device. The following links provide information on how to configure and/or disable cookies in the main browsers on the market, so that the user can decide whether or not to accept the use of cookies.

-        Microsoft Internet Explorer: Tools menu> Internet Options> Privacy> Settings..

-        Firefox: Tools menu> Options> Privacy> Cookies.

-        Chrome: Options menu> Advanced options> Privacy.

-        Safari: Preferences/Privacy menu.

-        Safari for IOS (iPhone and iPad): Settings Options> Safari

-        Chrome for Android: Settings> Website Settings> Cookies

For more information in relation to blocking, disabling and/or eliminating cookies, you can visit the following website:


Last Updated: November 18, 2020